Bloodwork, genes and lifestyle

Brittney and I are on the eve of welcoming our second son into the world, so naturally one of the big things on our mind is adjusting our life insurance. I'm only half joking about the importance, but now that a company like HealthIQ looks out for people who laugh in the face of the stronghold family history once placed on rates, we figured we should rethink our policies.

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Balance Series I (Subjectivity Alert!)

I’m not a huge fan of “moderation.”  Firstly, most people seem use the word to justify some kind of harmful behavior (i.e. eating animal products, smoking, drinking alcohol etc.).  Why not moderately kill you heart, lungs and liver (respectively)?  It’s an excuse not to be disciplined. Moderation is in itself most often admitting that it’s ok to lack discipline about 50% of the time.  I dunno...maybe I’m over reacting.

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A Fresh Start

The past year has brought with it the early birth of our son (born 9 weeks early, now 11 months and fantastic), an unanticipated move out of Brooklyn to "the country" (Stamford, CT), a new full time "job" as a stay-at-home dad and, most recently, the parting of ways with a large part of my professional musical life to focus solely on composition.  So, why not change up the website too?

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