Routines for a family...

For the past few years, or really since the boom of the self-help era, there is a special place for the morning routine. I’ve written about mine in an earlier post. However that was before a second child and before Henry was able to leave his bed, walk out his door, and wake us up or take me away from my “routine” (lovingly of course).

It’s super inspiring to listen to Wimm Hoff, David Goggins, and countless others talking about the importance of morning routines, pushing oneself, and self care - self-care” is another buzz word that flies around the podcast-sphere. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking care of myself, however I’m finding that there is a fine line between self care and just plain old self isolation at the expense of others. The idea of self-care is even more important as a parent of two young children. Most importantly for me, the balance between self-care/self-promotion as an independent contractor and stay-at-home (or not) parent is becoming increasingly challenging. I’m the type of person that goes “all in” on whatever I’m doing. Right now, what I’m doing is trying to build a career AND be the best parent I can be (which for my extreme nature is spending 100% of all possible time with our children). I’m certainly not alone in this pursuit. BUT I would love more representation of attentive/maybe even stay-at-home parents in the “self-help” “self-care” world. Maybe it’s out there!! If so, please let me know!

I’m fortunate enough to have my father nearby to help out with Ellis this year, before he attends day-care next year. However, only recently am I giving myself the permission to use him more regularly; to set up office hours for myself.

Week-days now look like this (or any combination of things):

4am-5am wake up, drink 32oz of water with lemon, maybe meditate, maybe do some yoga; maybe run 2-3 miles

5am-6am Gym (30 minutes of strength/30 minutes sauna/cold shower)

6am-730am Get everyones breakfast and lunch ready, play with henry, get henry dressed, put in any beans/rice that have been soaking the night before, take Henry to day-care, come back with Ellis or go to the whole foods

730-830 Tummy time with Ellis, bottle/solid food 2nd breakfast

830-1030 ELLIS NAP TIME - My dad comes over WORK!!! NO SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

1030-1230 Ellis is back up - Continue work if possible, if not, hang with Ellis (library, tummy time etc.)

1230-230 ELLIS NAP TIME!!! Lunch and reading time. I do watch an episode of something during lunch

230-4 Hang with Ellis or write/study/read if my dad is around; prep dinner

4-5 Teach private piano lesson or pick up henry

5-6 Dinner time!!


6-7 Henry Bath or Playtime

7 Henry Bedtime

730-8 One episode of netflix with Brittney or Meditate or Talk about day

8-9 Meditate/Read/Bedtime

Rise and Repeat.

I’m gonna keep writing pretty freestyle about this and other things I’m learning as a parent of two who cooks everything from scratch and makes his own way in the world (without a steady job…maybe more on that too).

Much love!