A Song For Susan Smith

Libretto by Mark Campbell

In October 1994, Susan Smith, a woman from Union, South Carolina, claimed that an African-American man had hijacked her car and kidnapped her two sons, Michael and Alex. The country was immediately gripped by the story while an intensive federal search was launched and Ms. Smith went on national television to plead for her sons’ return. Finally, after nine days, Ms. Smith broke down and admitted to a local sheriff that she had drowned her sons after letting the car in which they slept roll into a local lake. A Song for Susan Smith is a chamber opera that explores the psychological and sociological factors that drove this woman to commit filicide and how the act affected her community. 

“The music...was dead on perfect...”
— Olin Chism (Star Telegram)

"Commission Note" - The first Scene/Aria of this Opera was originally set for Brittney Redler's Doctoral Recital from Mark Campbell's existing Libretto. After a few workshops of excerpts from the Opera, we are now in the process of finishing a full draft!  

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