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Whole Life Conference

Imagine having the key to health and longevity right in your hands, easily accessible and as simple to implement as raising a fork. Imagine a different life. One where the threat of chronic disease is greatly diminished. Not just for you but for your friends and loved ones as well. The evidence that a whole food, plant-based dietary lifestyle has an exceptional ability to create health for individuals, communities and the environment is undeniable.

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Adam is the story of the creation of the world's first sentient artificial human. Mirroring the spirit of President Kennedy's launch of the U.S. space program, Adam's creator Athena seeks her goals "…not because they are easy but because they are hard" (JFK). She does so in the service of science and of her country…but is there justice in creating a being with free will for a purpose that he did not choose? Will Athena have the courage to stand by Adam against forces that would own his destiny? The ideals that inspire these questions would be as essential in such a future as they are now and as they were in the Kennedy era. A JFKC Commission

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to Feb 20

The Memory Show (London Premier)


New Bard Productions and Verse Unbound present the European Premiere of The Memory Show in Drayton Arms Theatre London, from 11th - 20th Feburary, at 8pm evenings and 3pm Saturday matinees .

When a daughter comes home to care for her aging mother, the pressure starts to build on their turbulent relationship. Forced to live side by side, will they ever reach an understanding as they unravel their conflicting memories of the past?

Produced by New Bard Productions and Verse Unbound, the European premiere of the critically acclaimed contemporary musical brings forward an honest and bitterly funny portrait of a mother, a daughter and their relationship with cruel realities. Written by the 2014 Winners of the prestigious Jonathan Larson Award, Redler and Cooper, this production stars Carolyn Maitland (Miss Saigon, From Here to Eternity) and Ruth Redman (Passion Play, Ghosts) with direction by Alex Howarth.

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